Tony Williams - Drums

Tony Williams - DRUMMER

“Music is what we make it so let's make it great!’ – Tony Williams

Anthony "2Tom" Williams is a highly accomplished Beatnik with an long career as a drummer. Over the course of many years, he has provided beats, drum tracks, and percussion in various forms. Having collaborated with numerous prominent bands and performers in Wisconsin (a list too extensive to enumerate), Tony brings immense value to any project he undertakes.

Mojo and Tony first crossed paths shortly before the release of Mojo's album "Closer to the Far Away" in 2002-03. They continued their collaboration until the completion of the "Echoing Endlessly Inside My Head" album in 2009. During the interim period and since rejoining the band in 2013, Tony has also made noteworthy appearances at numerous shows.

As a drummer, Tony approaches his craft with a distinctiveness and individuality. He adds a personal touch to the beats he plays and imbues the music with his unique sensibilities. With extensive experience in the Midwest's performing circuit, he is a seasoned veteran and an exhilarating drummer to observe and listen to. Within the context of the Mojo Perry Band, Tony seamlessly integrates with Chuck and Mojo, infusing even more excitement into their performances. Indeed, his presence alone constitutes a captivating spectacle.

Furthermore, Tony exhibits versatility by showcasing his proficiency in playing the guitar, bass, and piano. Additionally, he possesses a commendable singing ability. To appreciate "2Tom's" musical prowess, kindly follow the provided link to witness his extraordinary playing.

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